My Expertise- In A Nutshell

Welcome my friend. I'm Michael White, a freelance digital marketing consultant with over 7+ years of experience in web development. Working globally with companies, startups and agencies alike, I along with my team of Kajabi developers, design and develop interactive websites that seamlessly run across multiple platforms and devices.


“Tailored to your needs”
A majority of websites I build are based on learning management system like “Kajabi”. It’s designed for better marketing, selling and delivering services online; while retaining all the major functionality of a CMS (Content-management system). It provides my clients a better control of their websites, in a way that’s understandable, intuitive as well as friendly.


“Support for mobile browsing”

Considering the latest Google trends, many websites lack the support of mobile browsing even today! At Kajabi Developers, I value my clients’ businesses’ online presence and create every Kajabi website with adequate support of mobile browsing. With progressive enhancement and effective grid systems, the websites ensure a great user experience and are future-proof, for sure.



What better than actual websites to testify my expertise? Websites come and go over the years, so listing down all the projects won’t be feasible. However, here are the links to some of the recent projects (websites) active on the web today.

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    May 1, 2014
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    April 30, 2014
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    April 29, 2014
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Core Skills

Anyone familiar with web development will know the rapid pace at which this industry is evolving. With new changes coming every now and then, there’s always room to learn something new.

However, in the tenure of past 7 years, I’ve mastered the following core skills:

  • Kajabi Website Development60%
  • Mobile App Development47%
  • Graphics Designing72%


Being a freelance web developer, I also hold great command over the following skills:

  • Angular JS
  • SEO Optimisation

Kajabi Glossary of Terms

The Newkajabi platform has been created to help people all around the world to build great websites that will let them have better conversion rates and thus, more revenue.




Conversion Rate





At Kajabi developers, we are focused on developing interactive websites to help you sell your products and services online.

Unlike other CMS platforms, Kajabi provides you a robust, scalable and cost-effective website using the latest tech framework. Hence, through Kajabi, we are able to provide you the most reliable and secured website solutions for your business.

My team of Kajabi experts also ensures that you get the maximum return on the investment you make with us, which is why we utilise the practices that deliver the best output.