6 Reasons Why Influencers Love Kajabi Platform

  • 10 January 2018

Hey folks! Are you planning to run a portion or all of your business online? If so, then you might be looking for the right hosting platform for marketing, selling and delivering information, products and services online.

With so many platforms available online- Wordpress, Teachable, and Kajabi to name a few- choosing the right one might get a little confusing. But don't you worry!

There's some sort of learning curve with almost every popular hosting platform- be it free or paid. But that's not the case when it comes to "Kajabi".

Kajabi, a learning management system, is a hosted platform that allows anyone to market, sell and deliver information online in a hassle-free manner. Offering hundreds of templates, it allows a user to host videos, audios, text documents and even draft simple yet effective online courses.

If you're into an online business- be it blogging, personality development, personal training or anything- Kajabi is the right platform for you. Don't believe us?

Well, here are 6 reasons why influencers (including online solopreneurs) love Kajabi Platform:

Ability To Swiftly Create An Online Course

Technology, for most of us, is a beautiful thing but on the other hand, a few consider it as a royal pain. Having said that, many bloggers, speakers and coaches struggle hard to create an online course and generate revenue by selling the same.

The challenges they face are often associated with technological hassles.

Kajabi grants content creators the ability to swiftly create an online course, provided they know how to write and publish a WordPress blog.

A Centralized Online Store

It’s highly possible for any content creator to offer more than one online course; well, that’s not an issue, but displaying all the courses under one centralized location is.

Kajabi helps content creators in creating an online store and thereby selling several online courses, without any hassle.

Centralized Login

Every content creator that offers more than one course often ends up facing a major problem: multiple login pages. It further creates confusion amongst users, for they have to maintain separate IDs and passwords for different courses.

Kajabi features a centralized online store with one central login page; cutting away all the unnecessary confusion.

Integrated Systems

A content creator obviously seeks an all-in-one solution. The prominent content management and learning management software companies often try to offer all the things, but in the process, they tend to move away from their core specialties.

A better approach would be to partner and utilize the strengths of other companies and that’s the approach Kajabi developers went for.

Having said that, Kajabi features an integrated system by utilizing the services offered by companies such as Stripe and Wistia.

Implementing New Ideas

Once an online store is set, it’s quite frustrating to implement a new idea; again, technical hassles. But that’s not the case with Kajabi.

Kajabi features a simple yet powerful interface that allows the content creators to easily implement an idea and sell a new product in literally, no-time!

Built-In Affiliate System

This is certainly one of the most prominent features of Kajabi hosting platform. The integrated affiliate program allows content creators to deploy an army of dedicated fans who can sell and propagate their courses.

Kajabi, undoubtedly, is the right platform for building a website, marketing a business and selling products/services (including digital products) online.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition and experience how easy Kajabi can make things for your business, get your business website re-developed in Kajabi today!

Get in touch with our Kajabi developers and together we’ll try to create a strong online presence for your business.