Kajabi 2017 - A Great Platform for Your Business Expansion!

  • 21 December 2017

The digital age has transformed the way entrepreneurs expand their business these days and it has reached a whole new level due to the changed perspective of the audiences searching for their product.

Earlier, most businesses focused on selling their products through minimal manual marketing efforts.

In this era, companies that are taking a structured approach, are making big difference in sales.

If we look at the stats, 44% of businesses today fail to turn visitors into customers due to the lack of resources essential for integrating your business into a digital market.

On an average, you can lose every second visitor in 8 seconds, if you fail to add a catchy headline, as 96% of the visitors who come to your site are not ready to buy stuff in the first go.

Product videos and content are also two major factors that contributes a lot to increase the product sales. Along with this, the loading time of the website also plays a major role as most users wait for just 3-4 seconds before they abandon webpages.

That means, what actually keeps your visitors engaged is a compelling headline, product videos, content, website design, call-to-action and site speed.

So, are you ready to get into what the other highest converting businesses are doing? Then you have to get your website developed on the best platform that can help you bridge the difference between you and potential customers, Kajabi.

“Founded in 2009, Kajabi includes all the essential features such as product themes, video hosting, a mobile responsive interface that can aid your turn your knowledge or experience into products you can sell.“

Let’s take a closer look at the features that Kajabi offers to help businesses jump to the next level:

Website Creation and Management

Kajabi hosts a collection of around 15 tools that can help you build beautiful and functional landing pages with limited or no coding experience. It means you can plan and start selling your products within a matter of minutes.


Kajabi contains a library of beautiful templates that includes video value pages, launch pages, sales pages, email opt-in pages and more. Select an appropriate theme and exude value to your customers.

It gives you an opportunity to quickly turn your knowledge, product, services into attractive masterpieces.

Video Hosting

Product videos play a vital role in increasing sales as over 64-85% of visitors show more interest in buying products that contain videos. Also, many marketing experts claim that videos are something you can’t afford to ignore.

Kajabi provides a tool for uploading video content compatible to any device with flawless speed. You can create your tutorial video or product video and immediately load on to your website through Kajabi. It’s not that tough now!


Original content started getting value in the marketing world since Google released the Fred update in 2017. Blogs, article, bookmarking all are great sources of information for an audience who visits your site. It contributes a lot in establishing your brand name.

Kajabi also comes with a blogging section and several other functions that can help businesses set up their personal web pages.

Product Creation

Whether you are selling clothes, jewelry, handmade chocolates or anything, you can aesthetically display your products online with description through Kajabi, to let your customers have insight into what they like.

As now you are aware of all the features Kajabi offers, why not give it a try? Contact me here, and let’s get started with your project!