Manfred Real Estate Learning Center is based in Albany, NY. For more than 30 years, it has been providing real estate classroom training to students in 14 cities across the New York State.

The client approached me to get a Kajabi website developed for his education business to reach out to a wide audience online.


For the website to be effective, I had to first identify the targeted audience for my client. In this case, the audience included the people interested in real estate classroom courses. This helped me create appealing marketing messages and visuals designed for the specific audience which proved to be quite effective.

To introduce the client’s business to the audience, I also focused on designing the ‘About Us’ strategically to tell the background and expertise of my client.

I also built numerous landing pages for specific courses that had attractive call-to-actions to convince the users to sign up to create an account and book a course.

To add more authenticity to the website, I used Kajabi smartly and added the ‘Reviews’ page which displayed the past reviews of my client with their star ratings that gave an extra edge to my client over his competitors.

Conclusion: The Kajabi website thus, helped Manfred Real Estate School to easily market and get leads for its real estate courses. With the use of Kajabi as the development platform, the client also noticed that his website always worked smoothly even under the most extreme traffic.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your website created using Kajabi today! It is an efficient and worthy platform containing all the tools required to set up a successful website to connect with your audience.

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